LOC/LCO method is most naturalists way to get and maintain moisture for growth and retention. The most effective way to do this method is to section the hair into four parts, detangle, and then apply the products  in a specific order.
So many naturalists have taken to using the “LOC method or LCO method” and many have come to ask is there a difference. YES, there is!!!! I have used both methods and have come to the realization that they not only give different results but work better with different hair styles. For the LOC/LCO method, I always use Curls Blueberry Bliss reparative leave in conditioner, Kanani Kurls masami oil, and Curls CREME BRULE whipped curl cream. The most important aspect about these two methods is their ability to help the hair hold its moisture. After reading you’ll understand which holds the moisture the longest, but why you may be better off using both methods when applicable. (LOC method pictured above)
When using leave-in, oil, cream/ LOC, you’ll be able to get a more defined curl with little to no frizz. This method is best used with hair styles like wash n go’s, twist outs, braid outs, pineapples and buns. This is because you will refresh these styles daily, which I noticed is necessary with the LOC method. It can be easily refreshed with a spritz of water and a small quantity of leave in. I use this method more during the summer.  Leave-in, cream, oil/ LCO, holds moisture longer and only needs to be refreshed half way through the week. When using this order, you’ll get a look with more volume that is stretched with ease. I use the LCO method when I am going to be wearing my hair down in any style, a braid out, afros and other stretched styles. I enjoy this method for more stretched because I only have to reapply moisture once throughout the week. This allows me to wet my hair less through the week and I tend to use this more in the colder months. (LCO method pictured above)
Keep in mind your using three products at one time. Be careful not to oversaturate hair.
Be willing  to try both methods and see what works best for your own hair.  

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