How to Love Your Hair During the Winter


I think we all suffer from the horrible winter months when it comes to our hair. We get dry, brittle ends. I feel like I have to moisturize my hair several times a day, and every style doesn’t last! I have a few points that will save us all, and at least help us retain moisture and length during these months.


I’m not one to ever pre-poo. I’m a natural who likes quick, easy routines, and always felt like adding a pre-poo just prolonged the process; however, during the Winter months, they have helped a lot. My hair is already dried out, and brittle, so I don’t always want to just go straight into shampooing and conditioning. Pre-pooing has helped my hair prepare for a shampoo.To pre-poo, all you need is an oil of your choice (coconut, tea-tree, castor, etc.). You want to saturate your hair with the oil and place a plastic cap over your hair for at least 30 minutes, and then wash it out and begin your wash-day. This will help your hair get ready for shampoo, so that everything won’t be completely stripped from your hair during the wash.

Never skip the Deep Condition!

 We all sometimes get lazy, and possibly skip the deep condition during wash day. In the Winter, however, you need to do your hair a favor, and push yourself to deep condition more often. It’s freezing cold outside and your hair needs all the moisture it can get. 

Protective Styles..... 

During this season, protective styles are probably one of the best solutions.Your hair will be completely unexposed to any of the effects from the winter conditions. This also will help to keep length retention. Protective styles could be any style of braids, a weave, a wig, and the like.

What is your favorite protective style?

Also comment all your favorite deep conditioners down below!

You can use these points to help keep yourself sane during the cold, winter months. Out of all of these points, adding the pre-poo to my wash day method has truly benefit my hair. My hair retains more moisture that way, rather than go straight to shampoo. If you want to try any of these methods, I highly suggest you do! Treat your hair with some “me-time.”

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    I gave up on my hair and I was considering cutting it until KananiKurls came along… Now my curls Bounce and when I say Bounce, I mean BOUNCE BOUNCE !!! Thank you for saving my Hair Kanani!!

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