What’s Inside Kanani Kurls’ Newest Additions

Hello Curlies and Kanani lovers! As most of you have noticed, Kanani Kurls has introduced 2 new products: the Natural Hair Cleanser and Conditioning Creme'! Each were created in order to provide us ladies with a safe way to clean our hair without hurting our roots and strands.

Natural Hair Cleanser 

We all need our hair to be nice and clean for us, but no one wants to deal with the dryness that comes with most shampoos! Kanani Kurls has given us a brand new hair cleanser that does not strip the hair of moisture yet still is very purifying.

The Natural Hair Cleanser contains key ingredients such as Vitamin C, E, B3, B5, B6.

Vitamin C aids in creating collagen, absorbing iron, and it also protects against stress caused by free radicals. It acts as an antioxidant! Vitamin E is used in the product to prevent oxidative stress, just like Vitamin C, while promoting hair growth. We also have Vitamin B3 working for us, which improves blood circulation. The B vitamins are important when it comes to the strengthening of roots.

Conditioning Creme' 

The Conditioning Creme' is one that continues to provide moisture through every strand. With ingredients targeted to retaining moisture and length of hair, this new product is definitely here to save us all.

The Conditioning Creme' contains key ingredients such as Vitamin A, Organic Salivia Officials (Sage) Leaf Extract, and Organic Avena Sativa (Oats) Extract. 

Vitamin A is used in the Conditioning Creme' to create sebum, which is an oily substance. This substance helps increase moisture in the scalp. All cells in our body need Vitamin A in order to grow; therefore, it aids in hair growth.

Organic Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract helps make the hair stronger and shiny. It also provides more nutrients for hair growth and helps with circulation.

Organic Avena Sativa (Oats) Extract is the ingredient that strengthens roots, with it having Vitamin A, B1, B2, and E.

Bundle of Joy!

With the help of both the Natural Hair Cleanser and the Conditioning Creme', we can take care of our hair without drying out our strands. Finally, a product perfect for us!


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